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Advanced AI Based Therapy For Amblyopia
Through Digital Games & Activities

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Clinical Amblyopia Therapy At Home

Bynocs is a uniquely designed cloud-based software for lazy eye treatment and other eye conditions like digital eye strain.


It has been specifically developed to help your Ophthalmologists and Optometrists in accurately assessing and curing your Amblyopia and other associated symptoms.


The Bynocs AI-based vision therapy program can be conveniently conducted in the clinic or at home on any video platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet as a part of telemedicine. You play a series of fun interactive games for 30 mins a session while your personal eye-practitioner guides your progress.

Amblyopia In Kids

In some children, only one of the two eyes focuses properly. It is caused when the two eyes send different images to the brain.

Amblyopia In Adults

With the research and technology offered by Bynocs, it is now possible to cure amblyopia and its vision symptoms in adults.

lazy eye vision therapy treatment

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) Treatment

With AmblyGo Program

No Eye Patches


For Adults & Kids

Wearing eye patches for Amblyopia therapy is irritating as a kid and embarrassing as an adult. And lazy eye treatment last for months or years without a permanent cure. Bynocs AmblyGo solves these problems by offering an AI-based binocular vision therapy that shows results in 6 weeks with only a laptop and specialized Anaglyph glasses. And the best part – it is equally effective in kids and adults!

In 3 easy steps

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Bynocs Also Offers

lazy eye

Therapy For Eye Strain

With DeStrain Program

One of the most effective computer eye strain treatment in India, wherein the focusing eye muscles are strengthened.

lazy eye

Post-Surgery Eye Training

With NeoAdaptor Program

Designed for patients with IOLs, this program helps in improving eye suppression, contrast sensitivity, and neuroadaptation.

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Awards & Recognitions

Winner in health tech category of “Emerge 50” organized by NASSCOM, India.

Second prize at “the winning pitch challenge” organized by the ASCRS, USA

Brandon Hall Silver Award for Best Advance in Gaming and Simulation Technology

Selected for top innovation in Ophthalmology in All India Ophthalmological Society Conference

Brandon Hall Gold Award

for excellence in learning

Third Prize Winner at Bright Ideas  Pitch Competition by American Academy of Optometry Foundation

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